Mike Buckles

Mike Buckles

President & Founder
Mike graduated with an Engineering Degree in Computer Science and worked in the field of Computer Science with ExxonMobil until founding TechnoCycle in 1997.
Billi Jo Pic

Billi Jo Buckles

Vice President & CFO
Billi Jo graduated from Texas Tech with a degree in Business Administration and Accounting. She worked in accounting with Insilco, Health South and Texas Mutual Insurance Inc., prior to founding TechnoCycle in 1997 with her husband, Mike Buckles.


Maria Rodriguez

Maria Rodriguez

Maria has an accounting background and over 17 years of accounting experience. Prior to joining TechnoCycle, she worked in accounting with Legacy Restaurants and TLM Accounting.
Daniel Medrano

Daniel Medrano

Technology Manager
As a member of the Technocycle family Daniel has overseen technical operations and support, managed numerous internal and external projects, and instilled a culture of accountability as well as countless process improvements. With over 16 years of IT Industry experience with corporations such as ExxonMobil, GE IT Solutions, Centerpoint Energy, and Itron, Daniel brings to Technocycle a unique combination of skill sets. Daniel holds an Associates Degree in Computer Information Systems and is a certified Project Management Professional. In his spare time he enjoys cycling, embracing nerd culture, and spending time with his family.

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