Data Erasure & Wiping

No Data Trace Left Behind

As you are probably aware, you can erase any file from a hard drive with just the click of a mouse. However, seeing it gone does not mean that it is gone. This “delete” function often leaves traces or even full versions of the data that can be recovered in various ways.

To render data irretrievable, the drive must be securely wiped or erased. Wiping a drive usually involves actually adding new data to the drive that replaces any encoded information with only zeroes or ones. This is because all digital data is based on binary code, which is comprised of a series of zeros and ones

The Data Sanitization Process

We adhere to the Department of Defense’s data destruction guidelines as outlined in NIST 800-88, clarifying secure data wiping as the overwriting of each sector of the disk using at least a single write pass with a fixed value to overwrite the drive.

Some believe that deleting files means that sensitive data is secure, but this video explains why a more thorough sanitization process is needed:

Every Device Holding Data Gets Erased at TechnoCycle

All data-bearing devices entering our facilities are securely wiped to NIST 800-88 standard, and any hard drives failing this process are destroyed. Thus, you can rest assured that your sensitive data is protected.

TechnoCycle purges all data from your hard drives. Once the sanitization is completed, we issue a Certificate of Purging, which includes the serial number of the hard drive, the date it was sanitized, and confirmation that it was done (in accordance with the NIST 800-88 standards).

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Need Something More? Shredding – The Ultimate Data Security Option

For those who need or want the ultimate layer of data security, TechnoCycle offers secure data shredding services for hard drives and other drives.


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