“I am so excited to be getting a computer. I will take great care of it and I will let my parents borrow the computer. I will teach all my family how to use it. And when my little sister grows I will teach her how to use it. I’m so proud to get a computer.” – Anna.

Bridge the Digital Divide! Sponsor a Berry Elementary 1st Grader

  • The TechnoCycle 2012 Outreach program, with the support of TECHNIP,  will provide a (free) computer to all incoming First Graders attending Berry Elementary, an Environmental Science Magnet School located in North East Houston.
  • 115 students will receive an Internet-enabled computer equipped with Windows 2007 operating system, Office 2007, Anti Virus software, and Internet Filtration Software.
  • In order to provide Internet access to the students we are looking for sponsors willing to underwrite this cost:  $10 each month for a period of 9 months = $90 per student
  • Berry Elementary is a non-profit organization and your donation will be tax-deductible.

For more information regarding sponsorship for this program, please CONTACT US.

If you’d like to send a donation by check, please make your check payable to Berry Elementary Computer Outreach Program, and mail the check and completed form to:

Deborah Silber, Principal, Berry Elementary, 2310 Berry Road, Houston TX 77093

Download the donation form. DOWNLOAD HERE.