Epsilon, Epsilon

May 17, 2011

A week ago epsilon was just one of those greek letters no one really cared about outside of algebra and fraternity row. Now everyone internet savvy knows it as the name of the company that leaked email addresses and customer information for potentially millions of people. The real scope of the security breach is still unknown although Epsilon had some very high profile clients including Citibank, American Express, and Verizon (for a complete list check out DataBreaches.net

In the wake of something disruptive like this it is easy to start pointing fingers and feel angry at Epsilon’s l

aziness and/or disregard for proper security. The truth is it could happen to most of us. Without keeping you up at night, let me suggest we all have the worst kind of security holes–the ones we don’t even know are there. Recently a hospital in Tulsa notified some 84,000 patients that social security numbers and medical records may have been harvested from an old computer stolen out of storage. Click here to read article.

Evidently St. Francis Health System didn’t see the stored computer as a security liability until it was to late. Undoubtably Epsilon made some mistakes leading up the security breach but, like St. Francis storing an old computer instead of disposing of it responsibly, the mistake maybe became clear only when it is too late.


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