Professional and Secure Facilities

Customer Peace of Mind



TechnoCycle offers peace of mind to anyone concerned about data security during the IT asset disposal process. Our secure facilities and professional staff ensure that your data is not compromised from initial receipt to final disposition, and our processes are designed to align with, meet, and exceed industry standards.

Secure Facilities

TechnoCycle is a controlled access facility: all persons enter and exit through a single access point and guests are escorted at all times in high-security areas.

TechnoCycle is vigilant about day-to-day operations: we use a high-security on-site alarm and video surveillance system both in and outside of the facility.

TechnoCycle is diligent about safeguarding customer data: all received data-bearing devices are placed into quarantine until the data sanitization/data destruction process is complete.

Professional Staff

TechnoCycle values employee integrity: Staff must pass a pre-employment background check and drug screening.

TechnoCycle values employee growth: Staff receive ongoing training to promote data security best practices.