Accepted/Not Accepted Products

We handle recycling and refurbishment of most kinds of end-of-life technological and electronic equipment. This includes (but is not limited to):

Computer Equipment

Computer Displays (LCD, LED, Plasma)

CRT Monitors (must be intact) – $0.35 per lb

Laptop and Desktop Computers

Servers, Racks, and Server Peripherals

Network / Communications Equipment (Routers, Switches, etc.)

Telephone Equipment

Peripherals (Ink / LaserJet Printers, Scanners)

Plotters / Copiers

Accessories (Keyboards, Mice, Cables, Speakers)

Circuit Boards / Electronic Components

Office / Business Equipment

Photocopiers and multi-use copiers

Floor standing copiers – $0.35 per lb

Workgroup printers

Toner Cartridges (new and used)

Most medical equipment

Workstations, servers, RISC

Consumer Electronics / Media

Cell Phones, Telephones

Game Devices (Xbox, Play Station, Nintendo, etc.)

CD, DVD, Magnetic Tapes

Video Devices (Camera, VHS / DVD Players, etc.)

Televisions (LCD, Plasma)

Televisions (Tube Style) – $0.35 per lb


Stereo Systems, Radios


UPS / Battery Backup

Lead-Acid (not leaking)



Items Not Accepted

Smoke Alarms

Appliances: Refrigerators, Stoves, Washer / Dryer, Microwaves, Blenders, etc.

Air Conditioners

Fans, Floor Lamps, Vacuum Cleaners

Medical / Biohazard Waste

Oil Waste

Paint Cans

Mercury-containing devices including florescent light bulbs and thermostats

Household batteries (Alkaline AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, cell phone, hearing aids, watches, etc.)

Water or fire-damaged electronic equipment

Equipment that has been stored outdoors


On receipt of goods, all hard drives are erased and a hard drive erasure report can be provided on request.