Houston’s Leading Technology Disposal Company, Technocycle, Offers New Level of Efficiency, Security and Eco Sensitivity in Disposal of Delicate Data

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New Mobile E-Shredder Truck, Helping Organizations Retain Control During Disposal of Highly Sensitive Computer Hard Drives


HOUSTON – Technocycle continues to stay one step ahead in the technology disposal industry as it adds a new mobile E-Shredder truck to its list of secure and compliant technology disposal service options.

The mobile shredder efficiently destroys hard drives containing delicate data on or offsite and under the supervision of company administrators – ensuring that companies retain complete control of the disposal process from start to finish.

The new mobile E-Shredder truck facilitates the disposal of delicate E-waste when more than “wiping” a hard drive is required – physically shredding hard drives and tape media to ensure that all information is irretrievable, and completely destroying hard drives and disc media.

According to owner and founder Mike Buckles, Technocycle partners with clients to “manage liability” – and adding this new service option for the delicate handling, necessary compliance and highest level of security of data within the medical, financial, legal, government and other high security organizations – further reduces risks associated with disposing of E-waste both internally and externally.

“Our new mobile E-Shredder truck helps us better meet our client’s needs and provides another level of convenience, security and control during the disposal process,” said Buckles.

An EPA registered recycling center Technocycle ensures that all destroyed material is discarded in an eco-friendly manner – processors to responsibly dispose of the remaining hazardous shredded materials.

Buckles and the entire Technocycle staff pride themselves on the caliber of recycling services they are able to provide companies and the role they play in responsible recycling. The company is the electronic recycling sponsor of the 2011 Mayor’s Green Office Challenge and Houston’s 2011 Green Week.

To learn more about Technocyle, their new mobile E-Shredder truck and other reuse and recycling services go to www.technocycle.com.  Or, call (713) 895-7409.


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