About Us


TechnoCycle is a family owned business founded in 1997 by Mike and Billi Jo Buckles which began operation as a computer resale brokerage firm working out of a 120 sq. ft. facility. It soon became apparent that there was a need for electronic waste recycling so the company expanded to include both remarketing and recycling of electronic waste.


Currently TechnoCycle and its subsidiary IT Remarketing operate out of a 60,000sq. ft. facility and have an employee base of 51 full-time employees. In our determination to be both a safe and responsible employer and to be an environmentally responsible company, we are fully OSHA compliant in our employee and operational practices and have adopted the R2:2013 standard for the recycling of electronic waste. Click here to view our complete environmental, health, and safety policy.


We Send No E-waste to Landfills

We Export No E-waste Illegally